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ASU Football: Ken Griffey Jr. doesn't pick either team on College Gameday

College Gameday has become a college football tradition in itself. Every Saturday the ESPN show picks a different location to visit usually based on where the best game is that weekend. This particular Saturday, Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard, Chris Fowler and David Pollack took their act to Tallahassee, Florida for No. 2 Florida State against No. 5 Notre Dame.

Besides Lee Corso screaming way too loud and ridiculous signs popping up in the background, another part of the show is "guest pickers." A celebrity or famous alumnus of that school will come on the show and pick the same games as the hosts. This week, one such guest was baseball superstar Ken Griffey Jr. who doesn't really have any ties to FSU or Tallhassee. You can read more about Griffey Jr. as a guest picker here.

Arizona State and Stanford is a battle of ranked teams, warranting a pick from each member of the studio panel. When it comes time for Griffey Jr. to make his decision... he decides to...well... not decide.


Why? His son, Trey, plays for the Arizona Wildcats and Griffey wants both Arizona State and Stanford to lose if possible. Griffey Jr. might also still be bitter about this mistake made by ESPN back in 2012 when his son committed to Arizona.


Yep, that's right, ESPN made the classic Arizona State and Arizona mix up on this story too. Chalk this one up to Territorial Cup lore...sort of.