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Center Ice Podcast: Episode 8– Colorado preview

Ed McGovern joins the show this week, and Justin and Jayson take a look at what the Sun Devils are in for this weekend.

Justin and Jayson break down Thursday's game against Liberty as well as look toward the Colorado schools and the Buffaloes' star goalie Alex Palumbo in this week's edition of Center Ice presented by Speak of the Devils.

Ed McGovern joins the show as the Extra Attacker, where we talks about what it's like playing with Connor Schmidt as the Sun Devils' only defensive pair to play every game together. He also talks about the intricacies of defense, and playing as a left-hander with a right-hander and what that means.

Be sure to tune in next week as well when Justin and Jayson are joined by a special co-host, as a mystery player joins the guys in the studio and hosts the Extra Attacker segment with one of his teammates.

This episode is available via live stream, iTunes and Stitcher Radio.


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