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ASU Football: 'The Jael Mary'

See the play over and over

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here it is folks, the game winning play. The play that saved Arizona State's season for the time being.


USC lined up in a 3-4-1-3 prevent defense. The Sun Devils line up in trips right then Mike Bercovici sets his feet and heaves it down the field. Jaelen Strong crosses in front of USC linebacker Hayes Pullard and comes down with it to win the game. That was redshirt freshman USC corner Chris Hawkins on the coverage of Strong. He just kind of loafs and thinks there are enough Trojans behind him in coverage.

Also relatively close and the last player with a hand on Strong is safety Leon McQuay III. USC rushed three and put eight players in coverage on the play. Cameron Smith and D.J. Foster were also in the area on the play and had a chance to come down with it. USC redshirt senior safety Gerald Bowman and Junior Kevon Seymour were also in the area for the Trojans.

It wasn't a prototypical hail mary either with everyone standing in the end zone and jumping up. Strong was able to catch the ball in stride to give the Sun Devils the win.

Here is the full video: