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ASU Football: How the media responded to the 'Jael Mary'

Well done, sir.

Victor Decolongon

Earlier we looked how fans responded to the Jael Mary. Now, let's look at how the media reacted.

We start with the official team Twitter page.

The other official team Twitter page was a little less enthused.

In fact they probably looked something like this.

Yes. Yes, we are serious. Fun huh? was happy.

And yet still calmer than us.

What it was originally named.

And what it will always be known. Kyle Lapointe was the first to name it.

Arizona has a Hail Mary. Arizona State has a Hail Mary. We're watching you today in Denver, Coach.


Would you have been able to, Sun Devil fans? Or were you happy to be able to jump and scream at home?

One of the men himself.

And the other.

Tough to disagree with you on that one, Jamil.

Can you even imagine what this guy is feeling?

#JaelMary > #HillMary

And finally, Jedi ASU's regular sign off phrase had a little different meaning to it last night.