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ASU Football: New helmet revealed as part of uniform 'fan vote' for Utah game

What's the new choice?

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Arizona State unveiled a new helmet which will be a part of one uniform that fans can vote on as part of the "fan vote" for the Utah game on Nov. 1.

The big pitchfork on a black helmet is now a choice for the Sun Devils, who have already worn maroon and white variations of this helmet in the past. This is the third variation of the black helmet. Arizona State has worn a flame helmet which includes black as well as a black helmet with a small pitchfork on the side. They recently wore the latter helmet in the game against USC.

From the AZCentral article where you can vote on which uniform you would like to see the Sun Devils wear:

Voting runs through Oct. 19, and results will be announced on 12 News during azcentral sports Tonight on Oct. 26. The show airs every Sunday at 10:35 p.m.

This new big pitchfork on the black helmet would be paired with the black jersey and gold pants for the game. The other two options are black helmet, maroon jersey and black pants or gold helmet with black jersey and white pants.