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ASU Football: 'Desert Fuel' uniforms to be worn vs. Notre Dame

It will be the debut of the new anthracite and copper jerseys.

The highly anticipated "Desert Fuel" uniforms will make their debut Nov. 8 at Sun Devil Stadium against Notre Dame, the team announced on Twitter Sunday night.

As the tweet mentioned, it was the players' choice for the Notre Dame game. It is not a surprise that this is the game they will be unveiled, as the UCLA game was the annual "Blackout" and the Stanford game on Oct. 18 is scheduled to be the "Maroon Monsoon."

The jersey pays homage to Arizona's mining roots, using copper on the pitchfork, helmet stripe, facemask, and the numbers. The uniform itself is anthracite, a charcoal-gray colored mineral found in Arizona.

It is the fourth white helmet design since the rebrand, with previous versions being with a maroon fork, a black fork and an oversized white fork outlined in maroon. It is also the fourth jersey option for the Sun Devils, jointing the maroon, white and black.

For a full breakdown on the uniforms, be sure to read our piece from when they were unveiled in August.