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ASU Football: The Cynical Sun Devil takes on the second bye week

Upsets and Hail Marys', oh my!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Enjoy it, Sun Devil fans. Enjoy this while it lasts. Bask in the glow of the Jael Mary, savor the sweetness of another victory over USC. I want you to bite into the apple of triumph and take a nice, juicy bite. Call all of your friends and family, tell them where you were when it happened. Sing songs about the Jael Mary and make t-shirts of Jaelen Strong's outstretched arms to further immortalize the moment.

I should say "enjoy it" to a lot of college football fans right now. Hey you Mississippi State, enjoy it. Hey Ole Miss and Arizona, enjoy it.

All four of those programs registered huge wins over this past college football weekend and I think we'd be in agreement in saying that it's always nice to see Alabama lose every once in a while.

But I'm here to burst everyone's bubble. Yeah, the wonderful balloon of optimism that upset Saturday may have blown a gush of wind into, I'm figuratively raising my needle.

You see, what we saw on Saturday will go down as one of the greatest college football days of all time. We had upsets and field-storming and somehow a goal post ended up in some Ole Miss fan's apartment. What we saw on Saturday was the college football eclipse. Your school could have lost on Saturday and you still would've found a way to enjoy the day, that's how good the football on Saturday was.

But it's not sustainable. No, the return of Taylor Kelly next week versus Stanford will not help Arizona State's defense learn how to tackle. No, the sudden emergence of the Mississippi schools will not change the fact that LSU, Alabama and Florida will still get better recruits than them. No, the 5-0 record and top 15 ranking of Arizona does not change the fact that they needed a hail mary to beat Cal a couple of weeks ago.

Just as with life, everything will soon come back to an even keel. Arizona will return to the ranks of the mediocre, Arizona State's defense will return to ranks lower than that, and Mississippi will return to being that state that you can only spell when you spell it out loud. The world of college football is not at stake for a seismic change as last weekend would suggest. So Sun Devil fans, enjoy it. If Stanford's defense is frustrated after allowing a game-winning touchdown on fourth down against Notre Dame, look forward to seeing an angry Cardinal defense in a couple of weeks.

The Cynical Sun Devil's Worst Case Scenario for the bye week

After the 10 reception, 202-yard performance that included the aforementioned Jael Mary, Jaelen Strong is riding pretty high. The redshirt junior is a star in Tempe for his accolades on the field, and NFL teams are calling his name as an early entry into the NFL draft as it approaches in a few months. But for Strong, he much prefers to stay out of the spotlight, and rather chooses to spend his free time working on his children's novel. Strong, an avid Star Wars fan, spends his bye week finishing up the first edition of his Star Wars fan fiction, wrapping up editing on "The Force is Strong with this No. 21: The story of Jedi Master Jaelen."

With his new-found celebrity, Strong uses his name recognition to push his new novel to publishing companies. One publisher turns him down, citing his continued quotation of a certain Florida State quarterback, as Strong's book counts 34 references to the famous Jameis Winston speech "You strong den? We strong den!"

But Strong keeps working to get his book published, and on Friday of the bye week he finally finds a suitor. 50,000 copies of "The Force is Strong" are ordered, and Strong's celebrity in the child novel industry begins to take off. After a long conversation with his lightsaber, Strong decides to leave school to embark on his 38-state book tour.