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Section H Podcast: Early season ASU basketball impressions

What stands out through Arizona State's first two games of the season.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The Section H Podcast returns for its second episode of the season. Nick Krueger and Ryan Bafaloukos recap the first two games of the season and look ahead to Arizona State's meeting with Loyola Marymount.

The guys start off the episode by breaking down the first two games of Arizona State's season. What stands out to Ryan and Nick? And who has been the most surprising players on the team?

Nick and Ryan break down the play of the three freshman, which player has been the most impressive and who is likely to see a decline in his minutes? Nick and Ryan talk about the lackluster performance against Bethune-Cookman and how they thought the team played in their season-opener.

Finally, the guys preview Arizona State's matchup Thursday night against LMU. Find out what the guys will be looking for the next time the Sun Devils take the court.

Listen to the episode below.

Section H Season 2 Episode 2 by Nkrueger5 on Mixcloud