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ASU Football: Uniforms announced vs. Washington State

The Sun Devils will unveil a previously unseen look this Saturday.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona State announced its uniform combination for Saturday's game against Washington State, and it's a new one.

The Sun Devils will take the field in a white helmet, maroon jerseys and maroon pants. The combination has never been worn before.

The Sun Devils last wore white helmets last week as part of the all-white threads they wore at Oregon State. Including the Desert Fuel helmets from the Notre Dame game, it is the third week in a row for white helmets.This week will see a maroon fork, making it the third different white helmet in those three weeks.

The maroon jerseys were last worn against Utah, while the maroon pants have not been worn since Washington.

It's the first time Arizona state has worn this specific look. What do you think of it?