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ASU Football: Uniform combinations vs. Arizona

ASU will be wearing a classic look for a classic game.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

ASU's greatest tradition is the Territorial Cup and this year's game will have a traditional flair.

Update: Sparky will adorn the gold helmets.

ASU announced on Twitter it will be wearing the classic gold helmets, white jerseys and gold pants for the game against Arizona. It is the second time this season ASU has gone with this combination, beating New Mexico in Week 2.

Since the rebrand, this is ASU's fourth different uniform for the Duel in the Desert, and the first to not incorporate black. The Sun Devils went with a full blackout look in Tempe in 2011, then went with black helmets, white jerseys and black pants when they were last in Tucson in 2012. Last season at Sun Devil Stadium, ASU donned white helmets with black jerseys and black pants.

Arizona announced earlier this week it will be wearing all red, the same combination it wore in 2012, the last time it hosted the game.