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ASU Football: '12 Plays of Christmas' No. 3 A jolt of life

See what sparked the comeback

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

It had been a back and forth game all night. Arizona State hadn't beaten USC in the Coliseum in over a decade. It looked like the same fate would hit the Sun Devils again as they fell down 11 points to the Trojans early in the fourth quarter. An ASU touchdown brought it to a 2-point margin, but a 53-yard touchdown run by USC running back Javorious Allen with 3:02 to play led even the announcers to proclaim that this game had been "iced". Well, Cameron Smith and Mike Bercovici didn't think so.

Play No. 3: Cameron Smith 73-yard touchdown catch vs. USC

2 Points: The play changed the momentum of a game

3 Points: The play occurred in a Sun Devil victory

5 Points: The play was a Sun Devil touchdown

7 Points: The play went for 40 or more yards

9 Points: The play was a touchdown in the 4th quarter of a Sun Devil victory

Total: 26 points

Mike Bercovici lined up in the shotgun. He's got four wide receivers lined up in the formation. He sits in the pocket before being flushed out to his right. On the run from the 15-yard line he finds Cameron Smith at the 40-yard line and Smith takes care of the rest. A diving USC defender misses and the Trojans' Hayes Pullard has no chance of catching him after Smith turns up field.

The play starts at the :21 second mark of this video: