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AP top 25: ASU moves up, ranked in final regular season AP Poll

Where did ASU land after the 2014 regular season?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Sun Devils season was very up and down in the AP Poll but they found themselves ranked by the voters in the final regular season edition, coming in at No. 15.

ASU was ranked No. 19 to start off the 2014 campaign in the preseason. After burning through the early part of their non-conference schedule with ease, the Sun Devils found themselves up at No. 15. After getting blown out by UCLA, ASU dropped out of the poll for the only time this year.

The next week the Sun Devils were back in the poll at No. 20. Then ASU worked their way all the way up to No. 7 after the win over Notre Dame before continually falling each week after losing to Oregon State and then the Terriotrial Cup. As a result the Sun Devils were down all the way to No. 17, but jumped back up this week.

Arizona jumped from No.12 to No. 8 despite losing the Pac-12 Championship game. Oregon stayed put at No. 3. UCLA dropped from No. 9 to No. 16 and Utah jumped back into the poll at No. 24.