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ASU Football: Looking at the Sun Bowl gifts

What will the players receive?

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Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Bowl season means lots of free stuff for the players, here is a look at what the Sun Devils will be going home with from the Hyundai Sun Bowl.

  • Gift suite: This is usually a party or event put on by a bowl. The players will walk into a room filled with gifts, they're handed an order form and pick some things out. Because its the NCAA, the amount of gifts the players pick out can't exceed a certain amount of money. This is where the really good stuff is at.
  • Timely Watch Co. watch: These looked pretty cheap, they will probably carry the bowl logo. Order from their catalog here.


  • Ogio Politan backpack: This backpack ranged from $55 to $ 85 online and has a lot of different pockets and room for your laptop. Buy it here.


  • Helen of Troy hair dryer: For those players who have longer hair on the team, this has to be one of the weirder gifts. Found these around for anywhere from $12 to $40 online. Buy them here.


  • Majestic fleece pullover: This is a $40 (!!!) pullover, like the ones baseball players usually wear in warmups. Duke players might be able to put this to good use, but in the Tempe sun this will probably end up in the bottom of a Sun Devils' closet somewhere. Buy it here.


Top of the world hat: Not sure exactly what hat the team will be wearing, but the one below is an ASU hat that Top of the World makes. Like any specialty team hat, it runs upwards of $15 or more. Buy one here.

hat 2

UPDATE: Bleacher Report has called this the worst gift bag of the bowl season