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ASU Basketball: Could Jahii Carson return to school next season?

Jahii Carson did not shut the door on returning to school for his junior season.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this season, Jahii Carson announced that this would be his last go around in a Sun Devil uniform. The sophomore from Mesa, Ariz., would declare for the NBA Draft after the 2013-2014 season. Carson even tweeted that he wanted to attend as many school events as possible since it was his last season in Tempe.

With senior night approaching, Carson was asked after last night's game by AZ Central's Doug Haller about the emotions of Saturday being his last home game as a Sun Devil. Carson gave a very non-committal answer.

"That's for the seniors," Carson said about senior night. "I'm still a sophomore so I won't celebrate the way they will. I will be just as happy to see those guys go. JB (Jordan Bachynski) and all the seniors who have been here who have been a big brother to me. That's just the saddest part for me, them having their last game here at Arizona State. I have many more opportunities."

Carson was then asked by Haller if he had hadn't made up his mind whether this will be his final season at Arizona State.

"I'm just saying if there was a time where I wanted to say I wanted to come back, I have two more years of eligibility. This is for those guys who have been here for four years, who have sacrificed and put everything on the line for four years. That's their night, that's not mine."

I still believe that Carson will declare for the draft after this season and it seemed that he was taking the unselfish approach, wanting the focus to be on the seniors and not himself on Saturday. However, this was the first time that Carson discussed a scenario in which he returns for his junior season.

While it still remains unlikely that fans will see Carson in a Sun Devil uniform next season, the man himself did not shut the door entirely on the possibility.