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New Speak of the Devils Podcast: National Signing Day Review

The new episode gives you a comprehensive look at the newest class of Sun Devils, plus in-depth interviews with its key members.

National Signing Day 2014 has come, and Speak of the Devils has a comprehensive review all signed, sealed and delivered to you.

Brad Denny and Joe Healey break down Arizona State's entire 2014 class, providing a detailed look at each of the players, what they bring to the team, and what to expect in 2014 and beyond.

This wouldn't be Speak of the Devils without taking it to the next we do. We bring you in-depth interviews with FIVE of the newest Sun Devils: quarterback Manny Wilkins, running back Demario Richard, offensive lineman Sam Jones, defensive tackle Dalvon Stuckey, and linebacker D.J. Calhoun.

That's big time coverage you won't find anywhere else.

To cap it off, we're joined by Hod Rabino of to give us a behind-the-scenes look at how this impressive class of Sun Devils came together, and how some pieces almost didn't.


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