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Section H Podcast: Recapping the Texas loss and discussing the offseason

This week's Section H Podcast centers around the NCAA Tournament and the future of Herb Sendek.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Bafaloukos and Nick Krueger are back for another episode of the Section H Podcast discussing the latest news in Arizona State basketball. In this week's episode, Nick and Ryan break down what happened against Texas and dig into some news surrounding Herb Sendek.

The guys start off this week by discussing the crushing defeat to Texas in the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament. Both Nick and Ryan feel that Texas was simply the better team and deserved to get the victory. However, neither of them expected the Longhorns to shoot that well from the field or for Arizona State to outrebound Texas.

Nick and Ryan talk about the final play and the last two minutes of the game, where Texas scored all of its points off offensive rebounds and Arizona State had trouble defending inside.

Finally, the guys once again discuss the future of Herb Sendek and the most recent report that Sendek may be a candidate for the Wake Forrest head coaching vacancy, which he has formally denied.

Listen to the episode below.