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ASU Football: Davon Coleman's role with the Dallas Cowboys

Coleman was one of 23 undrafted rookie free agents signed by the Cowboys.


Former Arizona State defensive tackle Davon Coleman did not hear his name called on draft day. But, he was one of 23 undrafted rookie free agents that the Dallas Cowboys quickly signed after the draft was over.

Coleman was an electrifying pass rusher and run blocker for the Sun Devils. He finished his career with 31 tackles for loss and 16 sacks. However, Coleman's slightly undersized for an NFL defensive tackle, and lacks the speed to be an effective defensive end in the league.

Yet, Coleman was clearly a guy the Cowboys were interested in because they scheduled a private workout with him before the draft. 

As it stands right now, Coleman will have to fight for the fifth and final defensive tackle spot to make the Cowboys' final 53-man roster. But, it will be much more likely that he ends up on the practice squad and develops in a year or two.

The Cowboys drafted defensive tackle Ken Bishop of Northern Illinois with their seventh round pick, and also signed defensive tackle Chris Whaley out of Texas as an undrafted free agent. Both of these players will be Coleman's biggest competition for the final defensive tackle spot.

Bishop has a big frame and excelled at stopping the run in college. Whaley is much more athletic and explosive than Bishop, but he suffered a torn ACL in his last season with the Texas Longhorns.

The Cowboys also currently have Henry Melton, Nick Hayden, Ben Bass and Jeremy Mincey as defensive tackles on their roster. 

Coleman will have to prove to the Cowboys that he is better than at least three of these players if he hopes to get a spot on the roster. The Cowboys don't have a lot riding on Coleman, but if he makes the practice squad and challenges for a spot on the 53-man roster at some point in the future, then he will have met  expectations.