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ASU Football: Las Vegas gives Sun Devils fifth-best odds to win Pac-12

Las Vegas gives the Sun Devils the fifth-best odds to win the conference and third-best odds to win the division.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas is the king when it comes to odds-making, including which school will win the Pac-12, and Arizona State's odds are fifth-best in the conference, according to

Bovada gives the Sun Devils a 12/1 chance of going to the Rose Bowl, and 3/1 to repeat as Pac-12 South Champions.

Oregon has the best odds of winning the conference, coming in at an almost-even 11/10. UCLA is next at 11/4, and is followed by USC at 5/1 and Stanford at 6/1.

In the South division, UCLA has a 5/4 chance of going to the title game, then USC at 7/4 then the Sun Devils.

Full odds:

Pac-12 champions
Oregon: 11/10
UCLA: 11/4
USC: 5/1
Stanford: 6/1
Arizona State: 12/1
Washington: 14/1
Arizona: 25/1
Oregon State: 33/1
Washington State: 50/1
Utah: 66/1
California: 200/1
Colorado: 200:1

Pac-12 South
UCLA: 5/4
USC: 7/4
Arizona State: 3/1
Arizona: 10/1
Utah: 33/1
Colorado: 50/1

Pac-12 North
Oregon: 1/2
Stanford: 13/4
Washington: 12/1
Oregon State: 14/1
California: 50/1