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ASU Hockey: NHL veteran Alex Hicks joins coaching staff

The final recruit of the offseason is a coach.

Mitch Terrell/ASU Hockey

While Arizona State hockey may be done recruiting players, apparently that doesn't apply to coaches.

Former NHL veteran Alex Hicks has accepted a position on the team's coaching staff, head coach Greg Powers announced Wednesday.

"Adding a hockey pedigree like Alex to our staff will only help enhance how we do things at ASU," Powers said in a release. "I believe in improving every aspect of our program whenever we can if it makes sense. This to me made perfect sense and I'm excited to learn from Alex and I know he is genuinely excited to be a part of ASU hockey."

All other members of the coaching staff will stay in their current positions. Adam Blossey will remain associate coach, Scott Jacko as assistant coach and Jeff Tecca as goalie coach.

As a left winger in his playing days, Hicks will assist in developing the Sun Devil forwards, Powers said, while also noting Hicks' presence will allow Powers to focus his attention to other aspects of the team.

Hicks played five years in the NHL, spending time with the Anaheim Ducks, Pittsburgh Penguins, San Jose Sharks and Florida Panthers between 1995 and 2000.