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ASU Football: Sun Devils make final preparations for Weber State

Only two days away from kickoff

Christian Petersen

Weber State will play like they have nothing to lose on Thursday night, and Arizona State will be ready. The team practiced all kinds of different formations Tuesday including the polecat near the goaline.

"We've prepared for everything there is," head coach Todd Graham said. "These are not my favorite games, just so you know, I'd much rather play in the big games because there is a lot less unknown."

Graham mentioned that he and his staff have looked at Weber State's coordinators and where they're from in order to prepare. He added onside kicks and fake punts as two tactics the Wildcats may use in order to try and gain any advantage they can. Regardless of what Weber State tries to do, Graham knows his team is raring to go.

"Our guys are excited I can tell, I can't wait to watch these guys get on the field and compete," Graham said. "I told them don't worry about making mistakes, get out there, get after it and play Sun Devil football and that's with class, character and toughness."

Special teams is an area that Graham said he will monitor closely on Thursday and he's anxious to see how it develops. It's easy for freshmen, something the Sun Devils have a lot of, to get overly excited before the first game even against an inferior opponent such as Weber State. There will always be an exciting atmosphere surrounding the first game of the season, but Graham wants his team on an even keel.

"Don't get too high, don't get too low, just be intense constantly," Graham said.


  • Carlos Mendoza remains in the green jersey with a leg injury. There was no 11 on 11,  just a defensive walkthrough.
  • First team defense: Linemen: Marcus Hardison- Jaxon Hood-Tashon Smallwood Linebackers: D.J. Calhoun (WILL), Salamo Fiso (SAM), Laiu Moeakiola (SPUR). Edmond Boateng (DEVIL) Corners: Lloyd Carrington, Solomon Means Safeties: Damarious Randall, Jordan Simone
  • Marcus Ball was dressed but shadowed Simone at boundary safety during walkthrough, Todd Graham said the team will know this afternoon if he gets full medical clearance. Even if Ball gets the thumbs up, there is a good chance Simone starts.
  • Rest well knowing your seat will be clean on Thursday night. As the team practiced on the Sun Devil Stadium field, maintenance crews were working throughout the stadium hosing down seats and making game day preparations.