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Center Ice Podcast: Opening weekend review

This week's episode of Center Ice breaks down the first weekend of the season, and chats with Extra Attacker Tommy Cooney.

In this episode of Center Ice presented by Speak of the Devils, House of Sparky hockey beat writer Justin Emerson and WCSN color commentator Jayson Chesler break down the opening weekend against Niagara.

A few players had a good weekend, a few players have some room for improvement, and Justin and Jayson are joined in the Extra Attacker segment by sophomore forward Tommy Cooney.

Ryan Ostertag had a superb weekend on the offensive side of the puck, but had a defensive breakdown later on which cost the team a goal and put #GianniHockey in a tough spot. Coach Greg Powers spoke critically of his captain, and last year's goalie didn't have the best weekend, and a pattern may have developed in team's scoring against him. Cooney joins the show to talk about what it's like playing playing on his line, as well as being the youngest player on the team.

This episode is available via live stream, iTunes and Stitcher Radio.


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