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ASU Hockey: Sun Devils to play first Division I season at Oceanside Ice Arena

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A renovated Oceanside Ice Arena will house the first season of Division I Sun Devil hockey.

Allyson Cummings/WCSN

Since the announcement the ASU hockey team would be competing as a varsity sport next year, rumors have been flying as to where the Sun Devils would play their home games.

The speculation ended Sunday night when Athletic Director Ray Anderson told Jeff Metcalfe of that ASU's current home, Oceanside Ice Arena, will also house its NCAA team.

"We are very proud here at Oceanside Ice Arena to announce that we are the home of ASU NCAA hockey for the 15-16 season and beyond," the official Oceanside Ice Arena page posted on Facebook Monday night, citing the azcentral report.

Anderson told azcentral that ASU has committed to Oceanside for the 2015-16 season, but not beyond that at this time.

Sources told House of Sparky Monday that Oceanside will undergo "massive renovations" that will make the current Oceanside unrecognizable. The capacity will close to quadruple and the venue as a whole will become much more enjoyable to enjoy hockey, per the source.

The longterm hope remains a new facility specifically for ASU hockey. A timetable for that remains unknown.

Update: Because of the nature of NCAA-ACHA hybrid season, a majority of, if not all, NCAA games will be played on the road. ASU will play its home games against ACHA opponents. So it is unlikely Oceanside hosts any NCAA games next season.