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ASU Football: adidas releases mock up of Sun Devil uniforms

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What could the uniform look like in 2015?

via @uniswag

Everyone calm down, this is not what the ASU football uniforms will look like next season. It is, however, a mock up and hints at the possible direction adidas could want to go with future uniforms.

The design featured a new jersey with a pitchfork in the middle above the numbers. Notably absent was the "PT42" crest on the neckline. Adidas then used the "Desert Fuel" helmets to top off the look.

It is clearly not what the Sun Devils had in mind. The ASU equipment room later refuted the picture on Twitter.

Ray Anderson stated at the initial adidas press conference that changes to the uniforms would not be "drastic." ASU will have a large say in the final design of the uniforms because it owns the Sparky and pitchfork logos.