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Center ice Podcast: Lindenwood preview

Michael Cummings joins the show to recap his hat trick, and Justin and Jayson preview Lindenwood and whether or not the Sun Devils are still the class of the ACHA.

In maybe the most entertaining three-game series of the season, ASU took two of three, losing to Oklahoma and sweeping Central Oklahoma. Center Ice presented by Speak of the Devils is here to break it down. It was ASU's third loss of the season, one more already than the entirety of the 2013-14 season. Does that mean anything?

Michael Cummings joins the show for the second time this season, the first repeat player guest. He scored a hat trick Saturday night and he talked about what that game was like for him and the differences between playing on the fourth line, as he did Saturday, and playing on the top unit.

Justin and Jayson look ahead to the two-game set at Lindenwood and whether the Sun Devils are still poised to reclaim the Murdoch Cup.

This week's episode is available via live stream, iTunes and Stitcher Radio.


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