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ASU Hockey: Sun Devils get first NCAA goalie in USHL's Ryland Pashovitz

ASU hockey picked up its first goalie for the Division I team, grabbing a commitment from the USHL's Ryland Pashovitz.

Photo donated by Ryland Pashovitz

ASU head coach Greg Powers was a goalie in college, so it's been a bit of surprise that he has not yet recruited a netminder. Perhaps he was waiting for the perfect player, and Wednesday he got his man when Ryland Pashovitz announced his commitment on Twitter.

"When I heard they were starting a new program, I was pretty excited about," Pashovitz said. "I'm excited to keep up playing in the states next year and definitely in Arizona. It'll be nice down there."

Pashovitz said once Powers came to him, it was an easy decision. Powers spoke with both Pashovitz and his goalie coach and Pashovitz was hooked.

Pashovitz may be the most intriguing commit of the class. ASU has a star-caliber goalie in sophomore Robert Levin, who will still have three years of college eligibility next season. While Powers has not made any comments regarding which players would stay and join the Division I team, Levin seemed like a lock.

Now Levin and Pashovitz may spend the summer engaging in a phenomenal battle for the starting spot next season. And while Levin certainly has the resume of a player who can succeed at the NCAA level, Pashovitz has been nothing short of tremendous.

Pashovitz owned the SJHL last season, breaking the league's single-season goals against average by posting a 1.60 mark. He also had a save percentage of .947 with five shutouts. He won the SJHL Rookie of the Year and his goals allowed and save percentage numbers were better than the numbers posted by the league's Goalie of the Year.

He came to the Des Moines Buccaneers of the USHL as the backup, but stole the starter's job and ran with it. Through 20 games in Des Moines, he has a 2.79 goals allowed average and a .908 save percentage.

Pashovitz is relatively new to the United States. He came down from Canada just this season to play with the Des Moines Buccaneers of the USHL and has never played in Arizona. Still, he always knew this was where he was going to end up.

"College hockey is something I've always wanted to do since I saw my first college game," Pashovitz said. "I thought (ASU) would be the best opportunity to pursue my dream of playing college hockey."

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