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Center Ice Podcast: ASU vs. Arizona

Chris Burkemper talks Team USA while Justin and Jayson talk the future of the program.

In a jam-packed edition of Center Ice presented by Speak of the Devils, Justin and Jayson review what happened against Stony Brook (complete with Star Trek soundbite), preview the Arizona series and more. Chris Burkemper and five other Sun Devils head to Spain this week to represent ASU for Team USA at the World University Games and he sits in as this week's Extra Attacker to discuss it.

ASU got a monster goalie recruit over the weekend, one who has appeared on NHL Draft scouting boards and whether he is the biggest recruit to date. He won't join the team until 2016, but his impact can already be felt in how the team is being built moving forward. And what would an ASU hockey WWE-style Royal Rumble would look like? Center Ice chats about it.

This week's episode is available via live stream  and iTunes.


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