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Daily Devil Dish: Sun Devils beat Buffaloes

Recaps, notes and quotes on another happy morning in Tempe.

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ASU-Colorado Game Coverage

ASU Football: Sun Devils start fast, handle Buffaloes in 48-23 rout — Once tight end Kody Kohl scooped up running back Demario Richard's fumble for a touchdown, the Arizona State Sun Devils never looked back in their win over Colorado.

ASU Football: Breaks go Sun Devils' way in 48-23 victory over Colorado — Although the Sun Devils continued to show improvement against Colorado, they did get a couple lucky breaks go their way that helped their cause.

Richard leaves in crutches

Despite the happy ending for the Sun Devils last night, Richard was spotted leaving the field with the team in crutches. No word has been given yet on his status for ASU's next game at Utah.

"I don't know what Demario's status is," ASU coach Todd Graham said. "We basically held him out, so we're hoping that that will be a good prognosis."

Notable quotes

"We're right where we need to be. It's like anything. You've got to win a lot of close football games. We're six games into this thing and we have six left. If we can win all six of them, then that's exactly where you want to be. We control our own destiny and nothing matters except [being] 1-0. That's basically the deal." - Graham

"We had a little conversation with Coach Norvell and he said, 'I guarantee you this play's going to work.' And then when I seen that, I thought, well, I was just about getting a little upset. But it worked out. No, one of the things we talk about is you play to the end of the whistle. That's one of the things we talked to our guys about." - Graham

"There's lots of things I like about Tim White. Such a great young man. Tremendous young man. A guy that exemplifies what our program's about. I think he's improved every week as a returner. I think he's getting better with his route running. He's a guy that I love getting him the ball quickly where he can have time to do things with it. So, he's just gotten better. Probably one of the big things is just understanding and comprehending the fundamentals it takes to execute and play and then moving around and playing him in a lot of different spots. He's really a smart kid. He's done a good job, so I think he's no doubt one of our go-to guys." - Graham

"This has been a great year. I've had a lot of fun. To get kicked in the gut and knocked down and that and then, man, go over to L.A. and win like that that's pretty cool. I kind of like that. But I would rather just win them all and make it easy, you know. But we're not quite there yet. But we're going to get there. But I can tell you, this has been, this group of guys are incredibly enjoyable to work with. They would probably say that, that I'm sometimes enjoyable to work with." - Graham

"I think if you were to ask, would we want to switch the situation we are in right now, I would say no, because we have dealt with adversity. We are excited about the situation. We are more hungry now that we do have those two losses and we have already moved passed it and the mentality is 1-0. You may laugh about that because every single rep, every single thing that we do, it's 1-0 and that is the mentality that our brotherhood has adapted to and we are just excited to get back out there on Tuesday to go 1-0 on Tuesday and then Saturday night against Utah, take care of business." - ASU quarterback Mike Bercovici

"It's sad that it is going by so quick. We were just talking the other day, like man I can't believe we are about to be midseason. It feels like the other day we were just finishing our bowl game and going to work in the weight room. But I'm very proud of the way this team has fought and battled. If we just do what we are coached to do, like I say every week, the sky is the limit for us." - ASU safety Jordan Simone

"I thought Arizona State played a good game. Todd does a great job with those guys, they're very opportunistic, made some big plays on us. Again, we can not shoot ourselves in the foot and expect to win a Pac-12 football game. We've got to stop doing that. So we've got to find a way to coach it better and a way to play it better. You're not going to win with that many turnovers, that's the bottom line." - Colorado coach Mike MacIntyre