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Pac-12 Football: Week 7 Power Rankings

Chaos is beginning to erupt and this week's Pac-12 power rankings reflect that... and then some.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Down went California, Oregon and USC this week. We're nearing the halfway mark in the season, and things are only bound to get more unsettled in the Pac-12 moving forward. Following the eventful Week 6, read what House of Sparky's Kaelen Jones and Connor Pelton view the current state of the Pac-12 looks like.

The North

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. Stanford Stanford
2. California Washington (+2)
3. Washington (+1) California (-1)
4. Washington State (+1) Washington State (+2)
5. Oregon (-2) Oregon (-2)
6. Oregon State Oregon State (-1)


Jones' Picks

Despite their loss to Utah, Cal remains No. 2 this week in the North. With that said, Washington is beginning to build some confidence, and it wouldn't surprise me at all to continue to see this team trend upward. Also... it was nice while it lasted, Oregon. It's wild to watch it all unravel so soon.

Pelton's Picks

These rankings seem like they make sense, but it just looks so weird. Washington at No. 2? Oregon at No. 5?!? Even in a conference known for its bizarre results, this year has been crazier than usual.

The South

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. Utah Utah
2. Arizona State (+1) Arizona State (+1)
3. UCLA (+1) UCLA (+1)
4. Arizona (+1) USC (-2)
5. USC (-3) Arizona
6. Colorado Colorado


Jones' Picks

I really don't mean to pile on USC here in wake of their coaching dilemma (may Sark get the help he needs), but it's clear the program itself is in flux. Utah's win over Cal keeps them lodged as the top team in the division for another week with ASU en route to visit setting up a bout for the No. 1 spot.

Pelton's Picks

Arizona State is back up to No. 2 thanks to USC's Thursday night stumble against the Huskies. The Trojans are the most intriguing team in the conference at the moment, and I have a feeling they are about to embark on a 2013-like run with Sarkisian now taking a leave of absence.

Pac-12 Overall

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. Utah Utah
2. Stanford Stanford
3. California (+1) Washington (+5)
4. Arizona State (+1) California
5. UCLA (+1) Arizona State
6. Washington (+2) UCLA
7. Washington State (+4) Washington State (+5)
8. Arizona (+1) USC (-5)
9. USC (-6) Arizona
10. Oregon (-3) Oregon (-3)
11. Oregon State (-1) Colorado
12. Colorado Oregon State (-2)