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ASU Hockey Positional Previews: Forwards

The last of the previews for ASU hockey, as they kickoff their first season as a Division 1 hockey school.

Michelle Heckle

We've looked at the three guys that could see time between the pipes, and yesterday we previewed the nine defensemen that will be battling it out for ice time. Today, as the last part of our ASU hockey season preview, we take a look at the group of forwards that hope to tally a lot of points, and some victories.

Making the transition from club hockey to Division 1 hockey is quite the leap, and with it comes a lot of challenges. Head coach Greg Powers mentioned the timing and space as two key differences between the two levels, something his players are going to need to account for.

This group also ranges in size, from 6-foot-6 Louie Rowe to 5-foot-7 Charlie Zuccarini. Combine that difference in size with a difference in play styles and Coach Powers has a diverse group of players to mix and match with.

He also has 13 returning players from his ACHA team, which should give the coach some familiarity to use to the team's advantage early in the season. One of the three captains, Liam Norris is coming off of an MVP season in the Western Collegiate Hockey League conference with 50 points in 36 games. Junior Eric Rivard led the ACHA team with 22 goals last year.

Arguably one of the bigger pieces offensively for the Sun Devils is incoming transfer from Notre Dame, Garrett Peterson and Coach Powers didn't waste any time when Peterson called him about joining the team.

"To bring in a kid with that experience, for such a young team was a no-brainer," Powers said. "The more kids we can bring in during in these infant stages that have been there and done that, the better off we’re going to be."

Size, different play styles and six forwards with NCAA experience should give the Sun Devils a good foundation to build off of this season. And on Saturday, finally after months and months of hype and talk, the puck will drop for the Division 1 Arizona State Sun Devils.