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ASU Basketball: New Thon Maker hoops mixtape surfaces (VIDEO)

He's a man among children...

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

We're a little late on this, but an updated hoops mixtape for Arizona State Sun Devils prospect Thon Maker hit the Internet last week.

As the YouTube title suggests, Maker, who stands 7-foot-1, is like a created player from NBA 2K15 that moves like Kyrie Irving in Kevin Garnett's body. Maker's style of play is extraordinary, especially considering the fact there are less dominant centers in today's basketball that revolves around guards running pick-and-roll heavy offenses.

Below is Maker's previous hoops mixtape from February 2014, which shows more of his athleticism and some of his skills on the low block. The video has close to two million views on YouTube:

Maker, a senior from Orangeville Prep in Ontario, Canada, is widely regarded as one of the top basketball prospects in all of the 2016 recruiting class, if not, the No. 1 target by some. Maker has ASU in his short list of colleges to attend that includes basketball powerhouses Indiana, Kentucky and Kansas.

Maker would be a program changer to any school he enrolls, and could perhaps transform ASU into a solid basketball attraction under coach Bobby Hurley's leadership should he enroll.