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DDD: Game Preview for Oregon, D.J. Foster nominated for courage award

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ASU vs. Oregon Game Preview: It's time for ASU's annual Thursday night spotlight, and tonight's matchup happens to be against the Oregon Ducks, a team ASU hasn't played since 2012. That game also happened to be played on the Thursday of Halloweekend, and the Sun Devils are looking for their first win over the Ducks since 2004.

Both teams enter with bruised egos and 4-3 records, making what was possibly the most-anticipated game of the season not named the Territorial Cup into just another Pac-12 clash. But despite their struggles thus far, Oregon presents a dangerous opponent that ASU will have to play a complete game against to upend. Here's our complete game preview.

Jeremy Goltz: ASU Hockey's untold story: By now, you know the story of how ASU's path towards becoming a Division 1 team got kicked into gear, but the roots of that story are in former ASU head coach Jeremy Goltz. Cronkite News with a solid piece on his part in the development of ASU into a Division 1-caliber team.

D.J. Foster nominated for courage award: His senior year on the field has been met with struggles as he's encountered growing pains in the transition to full duty as a wide receiver, but D.J. Foster was made one of the few nominees for the 2015 Orange Bowl-FWAA Courage Award. Foster lost his sister when she was 15 years old but she's remained an influential figure in his life since, and he cited advice he received from her as part of the reason he chose to come back to Tempe for his senior year.