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Pac-12 Football: Week 6 Power Rankings

Things in the Pac-12 are about to get very interesting.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Only four conference games were played in Week 5, but it was enough to provide us with more upheaval in the makeup of the power rankings. Where does your favorite team stand? Let's see how House of Sparky's Kaelen Jones and Connor Pelton view the state of the Pac-12 entering Week 6.

The North

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. Stanford Stanford
2. California California
3. Oregon Oregon
4. Washington Washington
5. Washington State Oregon State
6. Oregon State Washington State


Jones' Picks

If anything was made clear this weekend in the North standings, it's that Stanford is a step above everyone else in the division. Cal has a chance to make a huge statement with a matchup against Utah this week, but until then, no changes here.

Pelton's Picks

No changes this week. That November 21 meeting in Stanford between the Cardinal and Golden Bears is shaping up to be one of the best of the season, but there are still a lot of tricky games ahead for both teams. We should get a decent idea of just how good Cal is after its road trip to Utah this weekend.

The South

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. Utah (+1) Utah (+1)
2. USC (+1) USC (+1)
3. Arizona State (+2) Arizona State (+2)
4. UCLA (-3) UCLA (-3)
5. Arizona (-1) Arizona (-1)
6. Colorado Colorado


Jones' Picks

Arizona State's upset of the Bruins causes a bit of an overhaul, and suddenly Utah has ascended to the very top of the group. After there appeared to be clear-cut separation between the top- and bottom-half teams in the South, if Utah goes down any time soon, the division could become wide open.

Pelton's Picks

Todd Graham and the Sun Devils are once again showing signs of life, but they will need to wait two weeks for the trip to Salt Lake City to rise any further in these rankings. Utah, idle this past week, takes over the top spot with UCLA losing.

Pac-12 Overall

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. Utah (+1) Utah (+1)
2. Stanford (+1) Stanford (+1)
3. USC (+1) USC (+1)
4. California (+1) California (+1)
5. Arizona State (+3) Arizona State (+3)
6. UCLA (-5) UCLA (-5)
7. Oregon (-1) Oregon (-1)
8. Washington (+1) Washington (+1)
9. Arizona (-2) Arizona (-2)
10. Oregon State (+1) Oregon State
11. Washington State (-1) Colorado
12. Colorado Washington State