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Territorial Cup: ASU students infiltrate, prank Univ. of Arizona campus with 'Prop 200'

It's officially rivalry week!

Photo courtesy of Ben Kaufman

What's rivalry week like without one school's fanbase going out of its way to prank another?

In honor of the Arizona State's annual Territorial Cup rivalry matchup against the Arizona Wildcats, a group of ASU students identified as Ben Kaufman, Dan Miller, David Pena and Cody Trimmel, infiltrated the University of Arizona campus in Tucson last week to get UA students to sign a petition, "Proposition 200," which called to return the land that UA sits on to Mexico. A full video was posted on Kaufman's YouTube account Wednesday and made its rounds around the ASU online community all day.

Apparently, the pranksters actually got UA students to bite. Here's the full video below:

The prank was so believable, The Daily Wildcat, Arizona's student newspaper, originally ran a real report on the proposition. After the video went viral Wednesday, the article was retracted, but editor-in-chief Jessie Webster did acknowledge the joke and owned up to its mistake in an editorial entitled "Well, they got us."

"We dropped the ball on this one," Webster wrote. "Sure, the ASU students who started the prank gave us fake information, but really it is on the staff of the Daily Wildcat to do the single most important job in journalism — verify. We failed miserably."

What was Sun Devil Athletics' reaction to this whole commotion? Well...

Earlier this season, ASU was on the wrong end of an online prank. A petition that called ASU to ban Sparky from being its mascot caused a stir in early October after it received hundreds of online signatures. The creator later admitted it to posting it as a joke, but to no one's surprise, most of the signatures came from UA fans.

Happy rivalry week!