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ASU Football: Oregon offensive coordinator accuses Sun Devils of stealing signs

ASU is under fire for after a second-consecutive game for reportedly stealing opponents' signals.

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when the Oregon Ducks surrounded their signs with tarp in Thursday's game against the Arizona State Sun Devils?

Not only were the Ducks were trying to shield their play calls — it seems Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost was trying to send a certain message about Arizona State.

Here's Frost's full quote on why he used tarps to cover plays, per Andrew Greif of The Oregonian:

"From the intel we got, I've never heard of a team going to the lengths they go to to try to get the signals," Frost said Monday, as Oregon began preparations for a Saturday home game against Cal. "But hopefully we combatted it well."

This isn't the first time ASU has been accused of such a thing. This same issue came up after the Sun Devils' loss to the Utah Utes on Oct. 17.

Of course, these aren't anything more than claims with no tangible evidence presentable to the public, but it's a little concerning this is the second game in the row that ASU has been accused of this. There's no rules in college football prohibiting sign stealing, and most, if not all, teams go great lengths to ensure their signs on the sidelines are indecipherable.

We're not insinuating anything, but Arizona State coach Todd Graham has called New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick a peer several times in the past.