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Daily Devil Dish: Territorial Cup tomorrow

Your daily front page of ASU athletics.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of year Sun Devil fans. The Territorial Cup is just one day away, and the Devil Daily Dish is filled with content to get you ready for the game.

By the Numbers Preview- Both these teams are having down years in 2015, yet either one of them could win on Saturday and the numbers back that up. Both offense can put up points, with UofA ranked 4th in the conference at 36.7 points per game, but the ASU defense is going to be the key. If they can keep UofA off the board, the Wildcats defense is going to have a tough time stopping the Sun Devils.

Arizona Players to Watch- Here is a look at some of the key players on the Wildcats that the Sun Devils need to pay attention to on Saturday, Anu Solomon and Nick Wilson.

And because it's so much fun to watch.....

ASU students prank UofA- Four Arizona State students head down to Tuscon and attempt to prank U of A students into giving the college back to Mexico as part of 'Prop 200'. The prank is so successful that the UofA paper writes up the story.