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ASU Football: Pac-12 VP of officiating explains controversial calls in ASU-Oregon

The Pac-12 finally gave some answers about ASU-Oregon.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Well, there's some closure on the officiating debacle from last Thursday's game between the Oregon Ducks and the Arizona State Sun Devils.'s Kyle Bonagura interviewed Pac-12 vice president of officiating David Coleman Wednesday, hitting on two controversial calls from Oregon-ASU and Stanford-Washington State.

The first order of business was Bralon Addison's touchdown catch in the third overtime that stood even after review:

Coleman's explanation? The grass couldn't give the officials indisputable evidence.

"It was tough to see the right foot," Coleman told Bonagura. "We couldn't confirm that because it was a grass field."

Coleman did sympathize with ASU on another missed call. Just one second prior to quarterback Mike Bercovici's interception to Oregon's Tyree Robinson in the fourth quarter, the Ducks' defensive line was offsides, which Bercovici said led to his rushed decision.

"Agree. Offside on the defense should have been called," Coleman said. "The defender did not get out of the neutral zone before the ball was snapped."

Arizona State ultimately lost 61-55 to Oregon in three overtimes.