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Pac-12 Football: Week 11 Power Rankings

Who's leading the race to the Pac-12 title this week?

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend presented us with some more answers regarding the state of the Pac-12, but still left us with plenty of questions yet to be answered.

Let's take a look at how the conference shapes up according to House of Sparky's Kaelen Jones and Connor Pelton in this week's edition of Pac-12 power rankings.

The North

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. Stanford Stanford
2. Oregon (+1) Oregon
3. Washington State (-1) Washington State
4. Washington (+1) California
5. California (-1) Washington
6. Oregon State Oregon State


Jones' Picks

It's not that Wazzu did much wrong in their victory this weekend, but Oregon's win over Cal was very impressive, which is the reasoning for the change here. Also, when comparing Washington's loss to Oregon, they put up more of a fight than Cal did (albeit, the Huskies did it at home).

Pelton's Picks

No change in the North this week. Stanford not only survived its trap game at Colorado, but dominated as well. The Ducks remain close behind in second after topping California, 44-28.

The South

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. UCLA (+1) UCLA (+1)
2. USC (-1) USC (-1)
3. Utah Utah
4. Arizona State Arizona State
5. Arizona (+1) Arizona (+1)
6. Colorado (-1) Colorado (-1)


Jones' Picks

The top three will rotate over the remainder of the year and, at this point, are essentially 1a., 1b., and 1c. as far as order is concerned. Still, I won't cop out here -- UCLA jumps up a spot after a shutout win and USC falls one after needing a fourth-quarter rally to knock of Arizona.

Pelton's Picks

Decided to make a switch at the top here, going with UCLA instead of USC. The Bruins seem to be hitting their stride, while Clay Helton's team struggled to get past a bad Arizona team late on Saturday night.

Pac-12 Overall

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. Stanford Stanford
2. Oregon (+4) UCLA (+1)
3. UCLA Oregon (+2)
4. USC (-2) USC (-2)
5. Utah Utah (-1)
6. Washington State (-2) Washington State
7. Washington (+1) California
8. California (-1) Arizona State
9. Arizona State Washington
10. Arizona (+1) Arizona (+1)
11. Colorado (-1) Colorado (-1)
12. Oregon State Oregon State