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ASU Football: '12 Plays of Christmas' No. 11: Carrington seals the deal against Arizona

As Christmas approaches we bring back our annual 12 Plays of Christmas, celebrating the best 12 plays of the ASU football season as voted upon by our staff.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Sun Devils were, barring a miracle from Arizona, going to win the Territorial Cup matchup when they had a 15-point lead with less than three minutes left in the game.

The Wildcats had the ball on their own 24-yard line and would need to score quickly if they wanted to give themselves a chance to possibly recover an onside kick and leave Tempe with a historic comeback.

Now just before this drive, freshman defensive back Kareem Orr took a Brandon Dawkins pass to the house to give ASU that 15-point lead, but it was was an elder Sun Devil who followed that up with one of his own to put the nail in the coffin and ensure the Territorial Cup came back to Tempe.

Play No. 11: Lloyd Carrington's Pick-6 vs. Arizona

It was 4th-and-14 and Arizona was on their 24-yard line. Brandon Dawkins had come in for U of A earlier in the game and had brought the Wildcats to within eight before throwing the previously mentioned pick-6 to Orr.

Aided by pressure from a linebacker blitz and a big hit on Dawkins, Carrington was able to step right in front of the intended receiver Trey Griffey and intercept the pass from Dawkins.

The beautiful part of Carrington's 38-yard interception return was his ability to tiptoe his way to the endzone without stepping out of bounds. For as disappointing of season as this was for many Sun Devil fans, this play brought back some sort of happiness.

Be on the lookout later in the countdown for more plays from this game.

Video Courtesy Pac-12 Networks (Carrington interception at the 1:44 mark)