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ASU Football: Camp Tontozona dates announced

Get your calendars out.

Nick Krueger/House of Sparky

The Sun Devils will return once again to Camp Tontozona this fall. ASU announced Wednesday that the tradition will begin on Tuesday, Aug. 11 and culminate on Saturday, Aug. 15.

It will mark the fourth straight year ASU has gone to "Camp T," returning to the property when Todd Graham was named head coach in 2012 after a four year absence.

"I've stated many times that I love the traditions of college football," Graham said in a statement. "Camp Tontozona for ASU is one of those iconic traditions. I want to take my teams to Camp T because that is where the tradition and the season begins. Coach Frank Kush had a vision and it worked out very well. I want to perpetuate that tradition."

Annual traditions for the players include a hike up Mount Kush, swimming in the nearby lakes and streams as well as a lack of technology while at the camp. Graham has said in the past he uses the camp experience to further learn about the new players and their families while allowing the team to bond with each other as well.

Head coach Frank Kush first brought the Sun Devils to the camp in 1960 and the tradition was stopped in 2008. The "Return to Camp T" fundraising campaign raised $150,000 to help the team return to Payson in 2012.