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ASU Football: Breaking down the Sun Devils chances of landing the llamas

Can ASU make a run late?

ABC15 live feed

Thursday afternoon, the entire world got their first look at the "black" llama and "white" llama. Both are huge in state products and five star recruits according to

The Sun Devils missed on Christian Kirk last December as he decided to depart for Texas A&M. For the sake of this article, the llamas recently decided to reclassify to 2016 so the maroon and gold will certainly have a scholarship waiting if they so choose.

No word yet on when the llamas might take their official visits. Watching some of the llamas' film on Thursday, the black one got caught first, but certainly showcased some excellent agility while the white one showed some excellent leadership qualities as well.

While they can't bench press because they're llamas and don't have opposable thumbs, they both have impressive running ability. A question mark is certainly their character, having both escaped captivity and evading police for over 30 minutes.

Listed as a running back at 6-foot-0, 280 pounds by Scout, White Llama is certainly a power running back. He could come in and eventually replace the shoes of Demario Richard, Gump Hayes and Kalen Ballage since D.J. Foster is moving out to slot wide receiver next season. They would also be competing with Morie Evans and Nick Ralston who are a class ahead of both llamas

As an outside linebacker at 6-foot-3 and 222 pounds according to Scout, Black Llama could certainly be an eventual Devilbacker candidate, but would have a higher wall to climb for playing time. As a freshman, Black Llama would be competing with Carlos Mendoza, Ami Latu, Ishmael Murphy-Richardson, Khaylan Thomas, Christian Sam and Malik Lawal among others.

Of course, another hurdle the two llamas would have to clear is eligibility. ASU doesn't currently admit llamas as students because, well, they're llamas. There also weren't any rules readily available from the NCAA rulebook regarding llamas, but you probably can't give them as gifts to recruits.

The llamas themselves don't keep twitter accounts and don't speak any english, but almost all high profile schools have a high interest in both llamas. If ASU can sneak in under the radar, it would be a huge snag for the Sun Devils in the class of 2016.

Eds. this article is satire and in no way is to be taken seriously.