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ASU Football: New Sun Devil Stadium rendering released

Here's a better picture of what the stadium will look like soon

While the full project won't be finished until the fall of 2017, ASU has released what it says is the most accurate rendering to date of what the new Sun Devil Stadium will eventually look like.

The new rendering comes after the Arizona Board of Regents approved the $256 million construction budget and the hiring of Gould Evans/HTNB to design the new stadium which will hold 60,000 people

Previous renderings released in January 2014 included a "scrim" or video board that could project images onto the outside of the stadium which is now clearly gone in the new rendering. The concourse now looks more open and free flowing than previous renderings as well. The "double inferno" student section with more permanent seating in the south end zone remains in the renovation plans.

The Inferno along with the removal of most of the loge section in the southwest and southeast corners as well as the demolition of the upper deck of the north east end zone is scheduled to be completed by August 2015. A new addition announced late last year is a new student athletics facility under the north end zone which will be completed in time for the 2017 season.

ASU continues to emphasize that the stadium will be used more as a year-round facility in the future and the Sun Devil football team will continue to play in the stadium throughout the remodel.