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ASU Hockey: Brock Krygier surprises by transferring from Michigan State on signing day

ASU was expecting 15 recruits for its inaugural class. It got 16 when Brock Krygier's name was on the roster.

Sun Devil Athletics

The ASU hockey roster was announced Wednesday, and a few names stuck out. Liam Norris decided to come back for a fifth season, but there was one name that had not been seen before.

That was Brock Krygier, a defensive transfer from Michigan State.

"We had a need for an experienced guy at the back end and he just fit into what we're looking for it," Powers said. "It made sense for him, it made sense for us and we're thrilled he chose to come here over a few other options."

Krygier redshirted his freshman year at Michigan State and graduated with a bachelor's degree in just three years. The NCAA rules allow for five years to play four seasons, meaning he still has two years left. Because he graduated early, he was able to take advantage of NCAA's graduate transfer rule, allowing him to be eligible immediately with two years.

Once Krygier realized he would get his degree early and still have half of his career ahead of him, he started looking at options. Once he toured ASU, he was sold.

"Being an inaugural program next year, I thought was a really unique experience to be apart of that," Krygier said.

Krygier becomes one of four players with Division I experience, joining Ryan Belonger, Connor Schmidt, David Norris and Jake Montgomery. Only Belonger and Schmidt are eligible next season, and each are two years removed from Division I experience.

"I think I'm just going to try to be a role model and lead by example," Krygier said. "Being at a Division I team for two years now, I think I can bring some insight and some experience to other players."

His father Todd Krygier played two years in the NHL for the Hartford Whalers, Washington Capitals and Anaheim Ducks.