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ASU Football: Todd Graham says scheduling easy opponents is 'un-American'

Todd Graham has a strong stance on scheduling and knows what he wants to see

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

ASU head football coach Todd Graham has voiced his dissatisfaction about scheduling before. In the past he has been vocally adamant about seeing an eight team playoff instead of four teams. He would like to see each power five conference champion receive an automatic playoff bid with three at-large bids rewarded to other teams.

It's no secret his feelings were strong, but who knew they bordered on patriotic? When Graham spoke with Tim Ring of 3TV in an interview which will air this Sunday night at 9:30 p.m., the Texan had this to say:

During his tenure, they have battled Missouri, Wisconsin, and Notre Dame twice. ASU has future games set with Texas A&M (2015), Texas Tech (2016-17), Michigan State (2018-19), BYU (2020-21), and LSU (2022-23).

"We need to consider what the fans want," Graham said. "Fans don't want to see you schedule four easy wins, then get two conference wins to get into a bowl game. That's un-American."

Did you expect anything less from the coach who sported cowboy boots to Pac-12 media day and speaks with a hint of a Texas drawl? The Pac-12 also schedules nine conference games while the SEC only schedules eight against conference opponents. As 3TV writer Brad Denny points out in the article from the interview,Graham has put his money where his mouth is so far.