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ASU E-sports: Sun Devils fall to Cal 3-2, Twitter goes nuts

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ASU played video games on TV Sunday night and Twitter loved every second of it.

Sunday night things got weird and extremely exciting in the world of ASU "e-sports". The finals of a video game competition called "Heroes of the dorm" was televised on ESPN2.

It involved ASU students playing against Cal in a best of five series of games on different maps. Each player on the winning team walked away with roughly $75,000. It involved dragons breathing fire, and lots of "going ham on this core" according to one of four play-by-play announcers. ASU lost the match 3-2.

What was actually happening on the screen? I couldn't tell you. What I do know is that Twitter had a blast and the announcers maybe had even more fun.

Here's a story on the players Fox 10 did before the match.