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NFL Mock Draft with a Sun Devil Twist

Because one more mock draft won't hurt

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The 2015 NFL Draft is nigh, which means you have already read a few thousand mock drafts over the last several months. That means you are completely burned out and just want Tampa Bay on the damn clock already, or you are thirsting for more.

For the purposes of this post, we'll assume the latter.

So what makes this mock different? The player pool.

The premise is simple. We're taking the same 2015 NFL Draft order with the NFL teams as they currently are, which includes their roster and team needs.

However, they can only draft from former Sun Devils, from the beginning of the program to present day. No, they won't be picking a 63-year-old Danny White, as we'll just project all players as they were coming out of college.

Bucs, you're on the clock.

1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - QB Danny White

2) Tennessee Titans - QB Jake Plummer

3) Jacksonville Jaguars - OLB Terrell Suggs

4) Oakland Raiders - WR Jaelen Strong

5) Washington Redskins - CB Mike Haynes

6) New York Jets - QB Andrew Walter

7) Chicago Bears - DT Curly Culp

8) Atlanta Falcons - OG Randall McDaniel

9) New York Giants - S David Fulcher

10) St. Louis Rams - OT Juan Roque

11) Minnesota Vikings - CB Eric Allen

12) Cleveland Browns - WR John Jefferson

13) New Orleans Saints - DE/OLB Derrick Rodgers

14) Miami Dolphins - CB/S Mike Richardson

15) San Francisco 49ers - LB Bob Breunig

16) Houston Texans - WR Charley Taylor

17) San Diego Chargers - RB Woody Green

18) Kansas City Chiefs - WR J.D. Hill

19) Cleveland Browns - DE Jim Jeffcoat

20) Philadelphia Eagles - S Darren Woodson

21) Cincinnati Bengals - DE Shante Carver

22) Pittsburgh Steelers - CB Phillippi Sparks

23) Detroit Lions - DT Will Sutton

24) Arizona Cardinals - RB Whizzer White

25) Carolina Panthers - OT Levi Jones

26) Baltimore Ravens - WR Derek Hagan

27) Dallas Cowboys - RB Leon Burton

28) Denver Broncos - G/C Grey Ruegamer

29) Indianapolis Colts - S Adam Archuleta

30) Green Bay Packers - LB Ron Pritchard

31) New Orleans Saints - TE Todd Heap

32) New England Patriots - S Pat Tillman

Who is your No. 1 overall pick? Post it in the comments.