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Poll: ASU football's best road uniforms of the rebranded Nike era

With the Nike era ending, we want to find out which was the best road look. So tell us.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona State's contract with Nike ended on June 30, with adidas now the university's official outfitter.

During the Nike era at ASU, the Sun Devils received a major overhaul and rebranding in 2011, resulting in new looks for every sports. Nowhere was this more profound than on the football field, which saw the introduction of a number of new uniform components, and the replacement of Sparky with the new pitchfork logo.

So as ASU turns yet another uniform page, we ask you loyal House of Sparky readers to pick your favorite road uniform combo from the last four seasons.

Check out the eight different combinations and then VOTE for your favorite in the poll below.

[View and vote for your favorite of the home uniforms here]

Black/White/Black: 3-2 Team Record


Gold/White/Gold (Standard helmet): 2-2 Team Record


Gold/White/Gold (Sparky helmet): 0-1 Team Record


Maroon/White/Maroon: 2-2 Team Record (1-1 with oversized pitchforks)


White/White/White: 1-3 Team Record (1-1 with oversized pitchforks)


Gold/White/Maroon: 2-0 Team Record


White/White/Maroon: 1-1 Team Record


Maroon/White/White: 1-0 Team Record


White/White/Black: 0-1 Team Record