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Staff Roundtable Part II: What we want from Adidas

Yesterday we found out what three staff members want from Adidas, today the rest of our staff weighs in.

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Yesterday's roundtable can be found here. Now, the rest of the House of Sparky staff weighs in on what they want to see from Adidas.

Question: What do you hope to see uniform wise from Adidas?

Kristina Vicario: Adidas is ASU's new head honcho in uniform creation and in my opinion, comes just in time for a welcome change.This is a time where ASU can finally get away from the endless mix-and-match combinations of ASU's colors and instead, brand themselves with two memorable uniforms that make people rush to the stores to buy them.

In the spirit of this welcome change I offer the self-created motto: #Pick&Stick

Design three uniforms, a road and a home jersey, maybe toss in a throwback and stick with them. I'd like to see ASU move away from the different uniforms for different games (i.e. the maroon monsoon and blackout). I know it's tradition, and I'm all for that, but let the fans dress up in the spirit of the game.

Don't make the players change uniforms so often that people aren't immediately aware of what team they're seeing on their TV. People know the Oregon Ducks. People know UCLA. But ASU may be donning grey or black or maroon or white or gold on any given day, colors that can be forgettable if not designed in the right proportions.

Which brings me to the specifics. I'd really like to see ASU's maroon and gold on both home and away jerseys, with black tying the two together. There's nothing like sleek, black uniforms to bring out the gold numbers. I always liked the Steelers uniforms, and I think this is something ASU could emulate, while tying in the maroon in the numbers. I'd say black and gold at home and the classic maroon shirt with gold numbers on the road. Teams have to know who you in order to fear you.

Helmet-wise, I think the helmets should always be gold. All gold with a black pitchfork. Switch it up. The other alternative would be going in the direction of the flame helmets but with an entirely new approach.

I appreciated the idea of the flame helmets but Nike's version last year just looked like a black helmet that had an unfortunate run-in with a bottle of mustard. If the flames can be executed in a way that doesn't look cartoonish, nor blend into the gold pitchfork, I think it could be a really cool, unique emblem to add to the new, sharp, ASU ensemble.

Connor Pelton: I want variety, and lots of it. Like it or not, high school aged recruits love shiny new things, whether it be a state-of-the-art practice facility or fresh uniforms every other week. I think Nike took a few big steps in this direction over the past few years, and it's time for Adidas to build on that momentum and take everything up another notch. Maybe take a page out of Under Armour's playbook and incorporate the state flag into the jerseys. Expand the anthracite and copper looks. Update an old historic uniform. Tradition can still be honored while constantly updating your look; Oregon proved that, and it is time to jump on the bandwagon.

As far as basketball and baseball go, I know I'm in the minority but I love most of the stuff Adidas has done. This is where they have really stirred up some controversy, but I say let people criticize. Sure, you might get a few ugly mistakes, but sometimes it's worth it to sacrifice a battle or two in the quest to win a war. I would love to see an Arizona State twist on these Kansas threads, which are both classy and flashy. And these Mississippi State and NC State tops scream for a "Tequila Sunrise" update over at Phoenix Muni.

Bottom line: keep it fresh and keep it exciting. Turn the Sun Devils into a program that people all across the country tune in to see what they are wearing every week.

Ryan Bafaloukos: Well it was nice to see Connor and Kristina go in completely opposite directions, which I think is what makes this transition so intriguing. There are so many varying opinions on what the Sun Devils should look like. I really like what ASU looked like under Nike, especially the past two seasons I really think the large pitchforked helmets will eventually eliminate the smaller pitchforks, sort of like how Boise State's large Bronco replaced their original logo.

My gut feeling is there won't be many drastic changes. The Sun Devils will still wear their traditional maroon and gold at home with some black thrown in. The lettering and numbering may change a little bit, but nothing drastic. Where I think Adidas may really hurt ASU is with alternate uniforms.

In my opinion, Adidas has some of the worst alternate football uniforms out there. Nebraska, Louisville, Michigan all donned terrible alternates in recent years and I am afraid ASU may be next. My plea is for Adidas to keep it simple and traditional.

As far is basketball goes, I would love to see a gold jersey. The ASU women's team wore gold occasionally at home and it looked really sharp. I really did not like the black road jerseys ASU basketball wore last season so I hope those get eliminated.

Finally, expect baseball to look a lot different. Adidas is all over the place in terms of baseball uniforms. UCLA and Nebraska still boast a classic look, while Louisville seems to be all over the place. I would expect to see the pitchfork utilized on the shirt and maybe even on the pants.