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Reader Roundtable: What Arizona State fans want out of Adidas

In light of House of Sparky's two-part staff roundtable, we asked ASU fans on social media Saturday what they wanted out of Adidas.

We had the entire staff sound off what they want from Adidas. Now, it's the fans' turn.

Here are the best responses we received from Facebook and Twitter as we kick off our first reader roundtable.

Question: What do you hope to see uniform wise from Adidas?


Kati Hanley: I would like to see Adidas come up with something totally unique to ASU and NOT what they have done at other schools like the above. You want ASU fans to buy Adidas? Earn it!! Like the pitchfork with flames or an inferno...we are the first school to have the double inferno aka two student sections

Matthew Maltby: I would like to see the Desert Fuel uniforms focused on. I also feel that the Maroon Monsoon, Whiteout and Blackout games are very big for fan morale. I dig the big fork helmets and was ecstatic to see Sparky return.

I would like to see a veterans uni for the salute to service game. University of Maryland did awesome job on theirs and I think we can do better

One thing I don't want to see is the jerseys simply be The same design as UCLA but in different colors. I hope that Adidas truly starts with a blank sheet of paper

Paul Alexander: Focus on making the on field, sideline gear that Nike only gave in the coaches package available for the fan base. People want to wear what the players and coaches wear.

Make each sport important, yes football is the generator of the money for the athletic department, but if Adidas put out gear for the other sports it would sale as well.

My personal expectations are low for this year as the athletic department and Adidas will be feeling each other out but they better go big years 2-4 or another brand will be taking their place soon.

Brent Szymkowski: A throwback uni honoring the 1987 Rose Bowl team would be great. Adding a Desert Fuel road jersey would be a great option as well. Beyond that, I don't want to see a whole lot of change. Our current look is great and has gained recognition, I think deviating from it would be a mistake.

Peter King: Make a special uniform for the game against U of A. The uniform needs some roses so we can rub it in their face that they have never been to a Rose Bowl.


Thank you to everyone who participated.