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ASU Athletics: First look at ASU Adidas gear

There isn't much, but it's enough to grab our attention.

July 1st marked the first official day that Adidas became the official outfitter of Arizona State athletics. A deal announced months ago with considerable hype has come to fruition, and the German athletic wear titan now has Sparky in its hands.

While we've yet to see the final designs for any of ASU's highly-anticipated new uniforms, Wednesday was not without a few peeks at the future of ASU aesthetic.

First, we got a look at the new Pat Tillman No. 42 jersey that we'll see worn in practices. The PT42 camo jersey isn't a new sight, as players that Todd Graham deems team leaders have worn the jersey in practices before. Still, seeing the three stripes next to the Sun Devils type makes this whole Adidas thing a little more real huh?

Next we saw the first visuals at the cleats that Sun Devil baseball will be sporting in the 2016 season.

Finally we were treated to the best part of new athletic apparel deals, with a glimpse at the merchandise that fans will get to purchase.

I love the t-shirts, can't say the same just yet for what Adidas is calling its 'Shock Energy' design on performance wear.

The Sun Devil Equipment staff has as good an idea as anyone of what new threads ASU will be taking to the field this upcoming athletic season, but they only showcased the pullovers that coaches will sport in practices this year.

ASU will continue to send out teasers of its new aesthetic throughout the course of July, likely culminating in a grand announcement in which the entirety of ASU's athletic uniforms will be released. Until then I'll be buying clearance Nike gear.