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Pac-12 Football Media Days: Schedule and internet stream link

Pac-12 Football Media Days span two days and take place in Los Angeles.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The annual start to the college football season does not come on a football field, but on a stage with players and coaches wearing polos and slacks. And that time has come. Pac-12 Football Media Days are finally here, meaning football is right around the corner.

The two-day event is taking place at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles and will feature coaches and student-athletes from all 12 Pac-12 institutions. Six coaches will speak on Thursday and six will speak on Friday. Commissioner Larry Scott will also make his yearly address to the media beginning at 9 a.m. PT on Thursday.

Below is Thursday's schedule, featuring personnel from Stanford, Washington, Oregon State, Colorado, UCLA and Arizona State. All times listed are PT.

In terms of structure, each team will be on the stage for about 15 minutes. The head coach and players will field questions from various media members during their allotted time. Once the final team (in this case Stanford) has gone, their will be a break for lunch followed by a more intimate setting between the student-athletes, coaches and media members.

You can watch the event for free at, regardless if you have Pac-12 Networks or not. If you are stuck at home and bored over the next two days, Pac-12 Networks will have full coverage of the event. Follow @HouseofSparky on Twitter for daily updates.